Industries Hiring in Africa Right Now

Find out which industries are hiring in Africa right now and learn how you can take advantage of the many job opportunities on the continent. Discover the top 10 industries hiring in Africa and explore the wide range of careers available in sectors such as technology, banking, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, healthcare, education, tourism, agriculture, and IT. With the right skills and experience, you can be part of the exciting growth happening in Africa.

The Top 10 Industries Hiring in Africa Right Now

Africa is becoming increasingly attractive to employers and businesses seeking to expand their operations. The continent is home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, along with a fast-growing population and a young, skilled workforce. As the continent’s economic growth and foreign investment soars, the need for jobs grows and certain sectors are seeing an increase in demand for talented professionals. Here are ten of the top industries currently hiring in Africa right now. Remember to prepare each of your job application letters & resumes to suit each sector respectively. 

1. Technology: This sector is booming across the continent as investments and interest in African tech ventures continues to grow. Startups such as Andela, Flutter wave and MEST are recruiting software developers, data scientists, tech support and other tech-related professionals.

2. Banking and Fintech: With growing financial and digital inclusion across the continent, there is a need for banking, financial and fintech professionals. Banks such as Access Bank, GTBank and KCB are investing heavily into the sector, including creating opportunities for professionals at all levels from trainee bankers and risk officers to head of digital banking.

3. Manufacturing: Efforts to diversify the economies of many African countries are seeing a shift towards manufacturing. Companies such as Faw Group and Samasource are looking to hire factory workers, quality assurance officers, logistics staff and other positions within the manufacturing space.

4. Retail: Africa’s rising middle class and growing consumer base presents an opportunity for retailers to expand their reach and hire in new markets. Companies such as Shoprite and Game are looking for store managers, retail assistants, Loss Prevention officers and more.

5. Oil and Gas: This industry is an essential part of sub-Saharan Africa’s economy and is a major employer of scientists, engineers and technicians. Companies such as Total and Chevron are looking to hire personnel in oil production, refining and other related fields.

6. Healthcare: With a growing demand for healthcare services in Africa comes the need for staff to fill the roles. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are looking for nurses, medical technicians, doctors, lab technicians, and more.
As the continent’s economic growth and foreign investment soars, the need for jobs grows and certain sectors are seeing an increase in demand for talented professionals.
7. Education: This sector is seeing increased demand for qualified educational staff, especially with the growth of technical and vocational education in many countries. Teaching positions for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions can be found in countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

8. Tourism: The continent is becoming one of the most sought after locations for international travelers. With increasing investment in the sector, hotels, travel agents, tour operators and hotels are on the lookout for chefs, tour guides, hospitality staff and more.

9. Agriculture: Africa is home to a vast array of fertile soils and land and agri-businesses are on the lookout for farm laborers, project managers, and agricultural engineers and more. Companies such as Syngenta and Agricane are some of the many companies hiring in this sector.

10. IT: This ever-evolving sector is always in need of professionals such as software developers, network engineers, database administrators and system analysts. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft have offices across the continent and offer additional resources and career opportunities.

The demand for skilled professionals in Africa is growing, and these ten industries are some of the leading employers currently hiring on the continent. People considering a job in Africa should do some research and look into the opportunities in each of these sectors as they explore their options. With the right skills and experience, you could be part of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.